Background Information


The idea of a predictable mechanistic world (Newton: the apple falls off the tree) was replaced by Einstein's relativity theory (mass-energy equivalence, E = m × ) and quantum physics among others.


The universe is now perceived as a hologram (each point in the hologram is an exact reproduction of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the whole thing).


The universe appears as an inseparable whole; a vast network of interacting interweaving probabilities. Within this Universe we cannot even imagine how many things become possible.



Epigenetics shows that organisms can evolve differently, even if  the DNA is identical (identical twin research). Roughly said, genes are switched on or off,    resulting in a sudden change in the   development of clones. 

Find here an enlightening example from identical twins' research:  Please click on the button "2 girls".

Epigenetics also show us that organisms do not necessarily develop predictably, but are strongly influenced by external factors. What does this mean for us ?

I can change my genetic expression by choosing a different life-style thus inducing my body to mitigate, change or even heal the consequences of a disease.
You can find here another clarifying  example that I  witnessed in my own practice:
please click on the button "Adriana".

Bruce Lipton

The American biologist and cell-researcher Bruce Lipton cell formulates it in a more pungent way.


If we supply stem cells on agar in various petri dishes with different nutrient solutions, the stem cells will develop differently; some will develop into  nerve cells, others into muscle cells, bone cells, etc.




Kelly Turner

Exciting investigations related to this subject have been made.

In her book "Radical Remission", the American author Kelly Turner interviewed nearly 1000 cancer patients who had been healed from cancer unexpectedly and who, in part,  had even been in terminal stages of their disease.

She asked them what they had done in order to  recover.




All of these patients had done a total of 70 things  in order to recover. Out of these 70 things they had 9 things in common.

These 9 specific things they did is what the book is about.

Point  # 1:  Follow your intuition!

Each patient followed his own personal journey lead by personal intuition to regain health. Some followed medical advice, others not, all of them recovered!


Disease can have many causes.
Sometimes a disease is only a symptom reflecting a deeper conflict in us. A conflict between our various aspects: physical body, emotions, mind, spiritual aspect.

Is  there a message  for us in this dis-ease ?


We limit ourselves through disempowering belief systems.
Definite healing takes place when the symptoms disappear and we experience  personal growth. Our limiting beliefs have been replaced by supportive ones. 


This is a  transformational process. This does not always happen consciously.

Everyone knows the feeling of clarity  after a flu or other illnesses, this sense of personal development that comes along with the cure. The process happens through the body. It is not only us who help our bodies. Our bodies help us too !


Find more detailed background information clicking the button: shadow work.



For each of us "health" may mean something else. There are many attempts at definition. Probably the best known one comes from the World Health Organization:
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
would like to describe health asWellbeing  in the widest sense. Wholeness.
For me, this  includes life qualitywhether one feels satisfied with one's life-style, expressing who one is deliberately and unhinderedly or whether one feels stuck in a dead-end.


What is your Vision of your own Life?
How does this Vision feel, what is the  attitude that wants to be expressed ?

Who are you when you dare to really show yourself?


What is it That You most long to do?
(Listen to the sweet longing that sings from your heart ... It sings your life song ...)
Barbara Brennan, Seeds of the Spirit