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2 girls

Two 4-year-old girls, identical twins.
One gets a  purulent tonsillitis with high fever and severe progress.  Due to her poor general condition she has to be taken to  hospital to receive antibiotics on a drip.

She finally recovers.

Five years later, this girl develops acute leukemia. Namely, one that you can only develop when a certain gene is present in your genome.

Both  girls are examined and, indeed, both girls have this "leukemia gene".
Why does one of the twins develop leukemia and not the other ?
Because the tonsillitis of the first twin switched ON the leukemia gene for her.



Some years ago I had a patient, let's call her Adriana, in her mid 50ies, who came from a family where the parents, brothers and sisters suffered from severe hypertension. As a result,  all of her family members had already suffered heart attacks or strokes. Not my patient.

She had opted very early for a different life-style. She did not want to expose herself to the kind of  stressful life she had seen her parents struggling with.

She wanted to have time for herself and others and live a healthy life.


She did it according to her own convictions and beliefs. She practiced sports, yoga, meditation, she was a vegetarian, enjoyed making music and worked only part-time in order to have a healthy   "work-life balance" according to her own estimation.

She was now older than  her siblings when they had had their heart attacks. She came to me to have a check-up.  She was worried because she was still healthy...

Think of the petri dishes mentioned above ....

In medicine we often speak about the  multifactorial etiology of a disease. Black and white painting is not very appropriate hereHowever,  this does not intend to be a  scientific thesis but rather an attempt to simplify complex contexts so that everyone will understand.

Shadow work and consequences

The concept of the shadow was coined by Carl Gustav Jung.
By that he meant a hidden side of the human psyche. That part of a person's personality which is not disclosed, but rather kept hidden "in the shadow" of the personality.
To investigate, expose and to experience this side of oneself is often a necessity on the path, when healing is the goal.

We also need to take a closer look at our own intention. What did really motivate us to take this one decision in our lives ?  Was it a constructive, detached attitude? Or rather a destructive, even resentful one (which might have been  a self-protection at the time) ?
This is not about judging anyone.

This is about exposing the power that is held in a so-called "negative intention" in order to "harvest" it and use it in a positive way.  This allows us to experience our own life force bluntly and to have more and more of ourselves,  living less determined by others.  A liberating and healthy experience.

Gradually our real core surfaces, the essence of who we are when we are not in any form of defense. Showing who we are just as we are, nothing  needing to change. Neither in myself nor in others. A state of deep, healthy acceptance.