My Mission

I do energy work so patients can have more life quality and attain a growing sense of wholeness. That is my understanding of  true healing.



With energy work and integrative medicine I activate the body's own self-healing capacity of people helping them with

  • healing or preventing physical, emotional, mental issues so they can experience wholeness and wellbeing. This brings back life-quality and performance into their lives.
  • gradually taking on more responsibility for their own health
  • becoming more sensitive to a healthier lifestyle bringing their performance into harmony with themselves, using their resources mindfully
  • obtaining a deeper self-awareness of their humanity as a unity of body, soul and spirit,  facilitating personal development and inner balance


"One cannot heal a part without treating the whole.

You shall not treat the body separated from the soul, and

- for  spirit and  body to recover -

the soul has to be treated first.

It is a fundamental error of today’s physicians to separate  the soul from the body."


Platon (427 – 347 B.C.), Charmides